Projects present

At the moment Angel’s Choice supports:

hope 112015

Hope, handicapped dog
Rescued by NGO Ruka-Sapi and fostered in Montenegro
Support: facilitating fundraiser


Doris, handicapped dog
Private rescue, Argentina
Support: facilitating fundraising


Tedy at the vet after the accident

Tedy, handicapped dog
Private rescue in Skopje, Macedonia
Support: providing wheelchair and mediation for adoption

Kaja 11102015 1

Kaja, paralysed dog
Fostered by Dog Rescue Gastarovska, Skopje, Macedonia
General support

Tomce avatar

Tomce, handicapped dog
Staying at Animalia Ohrid, Macedonia
Support: mediation for adoption

ginger cat with broken legs
Ginger, cat found paralysed but now walking again, FIV positive
Rescued by Rescue for Animals, Ohrid and Bitola, Macedonia, and then fostered at Angelcats Sanctuary, Skopje, Macedonia
Now fostered in the Netherlands
Support: fundraising, transport to the Netherlands, mediation for adoption


Lunita fundraiser def

Lunita, repossessed handicapped dog from Argentina, living in the USA now
Rescued by Luba Salta, Argentina
Support: facilitating fundraiser

Animalia logo

Animalia, animal protection association, in Ohrid, Macedonia
Run by volunteers who rescue stray dogs and cats, take care of them, find forever homes for them.
Animalia also aims to educate the local population and to involve tourists from the Netherlands by inviting them to visit and work at the shelter.
Full support, specifically the volunteer tourism strategy

angelcats logo
Angelcats Sanctuary is based in Skopje, Macedonia
Overall support of the organisation and fundraising for neutering campaign

Teo, handicapped dog, staying with Silvija Gastarovska, Skopje, Macedonia.
Teo is available for adoption in Western Europa, USA and Canada.
Full support.

zaga outside 24042015
Zaga, handicapped dog, staying with Silvija Gastarovska, Skopje, Macedonia.
Zaga is available for adoption in Western Europa, USA and Canada.
Full support.

logo met Teo vierkant copy
Dog Rescue Gastarovska is run by Silvija Gastarovska in Skopje, Macedonia
She takes care of handicapped and ill dogs and also of countless abandoned puppies in the age from several days to several weeks
Full support of the organisation and of several individual dogs as well




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