Annual report 2019

This is the fourth full year Angel’s Choice has been supporting rescuers of cats and dogs, mainly in North-Macedonia. It is also the first year that cats and dogs were not actively promoted and mediated for adoption due to personal health problems of the founder and only member of staff of Angel’s Choice and new developments in legislation.
Even without the activities dealing with adoption and transport it has been a very busy year. In total hundreds of dogs and cats depend on donations (money and necessities) collected by Angel’s Choice and sent to the rescuers. Because their shelters and sanctuaries have limited capacity the animals they rescue are always animals in need: ill, weak and injured dogs and cats from the streets. Kittens and puppies trying to survive without mother, dogs and cats that were poisoned, attacked, hit by a car or otherwise injured. Dogs with medical problems due to leishmania or diseases caused by other parasites and ticks.
As always there were moments of big despair and grief, and also moments of relief and utter joy.
Five animals that were adopted in Belgium or the Netherlands died this year: dog Mimi and cats Civki, Dushi, Charlie and Jasmin. Thanks to their rescuers and adopters they knew love and got the best possible care in the last part of their lives.

Organisations supported
In 2019 Angel’s Choice provided full support for:
– Angelcats Sanctuary, Skopje, North-Macedonia (mainly cats) – supported since the beginning of 2015
– Animalia Ohrid, Ohrid, North-Macedonia (mainly dogs, but also some cats) – supported since June 2015 till May 2019.
– Friend of Animals, Prilep area, North-Macedonia (dogs, cats and also some birds and rodents) – supported since March 2019
Full support means trying to raise money for medical treatments, food and other necessities for daily care, networking, providing information and second opinion from vets and specialists, moral support, et cetera.
– Full support of Dog Rescue Gastarovska, Skopje, North-Macedonia, ended in March 2017, but in the course of 2018 Angel’s Choice started supporting this organisation again by facilitating fundraising for the handicapped dogs and sending necessities. This support continued in 2019.
Because it is not possible for residents of North-Macedonia to have a PayPal account (instrumental in fundraising) Angel’s Choice facilitated the fundraising for the following two rescue organisations. Both are run by rescuers Angel’s Choice has been in touch with for several years. They also received necessities.
– Masha’s friends, Skopje, North-Macedonia
– Save the Stray Angels, Skopje, North-Macedonia
Incidentally the following organisation and private rescuer were supported:
– Kane Korze from Skopje, North-Macedonia  – sending necessities.
– Biljana Lazorova from Kochani, North-Macedonia – sending necessities and neutering cats.

Individual animals
– Dog Sharko with leishmania was adopted by his foster mom almost 2,5 years after his arrival in the Netherlands. He was rescued by Dog Rescue Gastarovska and treated for leishmania in North-Macedonia. On arrival in the Netherlands it was evident the leishmania had flared up. He was treated for leishmania with Milteforan, Glucantime, allopurinol, vetinmune, BaiFen and now he is on Impromune. He had extensive bloodtests done every six months. He was treated successfully with chemotherapy for a sticker tumor (TVT). Even though he is adopted now he remains under the medical supervision of Angel’s Choice. His medical expenses are mainly being paid from sales of unsold auction items at a commercial website (Marktplaats).
– Dogs Oscar and Bina were rescued by Animalia Ohrid and were very scared. Nobody knows what they have been through. In October 2018 they arrived at a foster home in the Netherlands and in December 2019 they were adopted by their foster mom.
– Dog Ado followed his siblings Alice and Alba to the Netherlands in September 2018 and was adopted by his foster family in January 2019.
– Dog Baby (rescued by Angelcats Sanctuary) came back from adoption and was rehomed in the Netherlands.
– Dog Rina (rescued by Animalia Ohrid) came back from adoption and was rehomed in the Netherlands.
– Doris, handicapped dog in Argentina, facilitating fundraisers for medical expenses.
– Dora, handicapped dog rescued by Animalia Ohrid in 2016 and in foster care at Dog Rescue Gastarovska since autumn 2016. Angel’s Choice facilitates her fundraising.
– Zoro, blind dog rescued by Friend of Animals, fundraising for medical care.
– Lara, dog with leishmania rescued by Friend of Animals and after that in the care of Kane Korze in Skopje, fundraising for medical care
– Tracy, dog with huge mammal tumor rescued by Friend of Animals and after that in the care of Kane Korze in Skopje, fundraising for medical care
– Pluto, dog hit by a car and in need of orthopaedic surgery rescued by Friend of Animals, fundraising for medical care and stay in clinic during treatment for parvo and after that for rehabilitation
– Cezar, handicapped dog, finding a forever home for him after three different foster homes in the Netherlands and Belgium (not organised by Angel’s Choice), plus facilitating fundraiser for wheelchair
– Boy, handicapped dog from Skopje, private rescue, a little help with organising transport to his forever home in Belgium
– Cat Cappuchino, rescued by Angelcats Sanctuary, help with organising transport for him and his adopter to their home in Belgium
– Mimi, dog left to put to sleep at a clinic in Skopje and taken from there by a private rescuer, help with finding it a forever home in Belgium
– Onix, handicapped dog rescued by Friends of Animals, fundraising for medical care and transport to his forever home in the Netherlands, and finding him the forever home
– Vuk, husky dog rescued by Kane Korze, help with homecheck and finding rescue back-up.
– Cat Zeta, rescued by Angelcats Sanctuary, finding her a forever home where she was reunited with her kitty friend from Skopje
– Fina (rescued by Animalia Ohrid) is the only dog in foster care in the Netherlands at the end of 2019.
– Cat Angelina, private rescue in Bitola, with two badly broken hindlegs. Angel’s Choice paid surgery and short stay at vet clinic.

Neutering is the best way to save lives. Therefore Angel’s Choice started a new neutering project with Angelcats Sanctuary. In 2019 the amazing number of 97 cats were neutered: new arrivals at Angelcats Sanctuary, stray cats (trapped, neutered and returned to their area), cats looked after by other rescuers in Skopje and Kochani.
17 Dogs and 1 cat from Friend of Animals were neutered. The neutering started after the summer and we hope to neuter plenty more dogs and cats in 2020.

One of the main tasks is raising money for food, medical treatment, supplements, neuterings and vaccinations. Angelcats Sanctuary, Friend of Animals and Dog Rescue Gastarovska have a number of loyal supporters who donate a fixed amount each month. These threeorganisations also have animals that have a sponsor of their own; these sponsors donate a fixed amount every month for their ‘own’ animal. In the case of Dog Rescue Gastarovska this only applies to handicapped dog Dora.
Angel’s Choice itself also has a few loyal supporters.
The loyal supporters and sponsors provide a steady income but not enough by far. Regularly appeals had to be made to raise enough money to pay for food.
Angel’s Choice organised 12 auctions in 2019 and the proceeds are used to pay vet bills, medication, supplements and special food. Items for the auctions are donated by people and 100% of the proceeds goes to the rescue organisations. Postage for sold items is sponsored structurally by publishing company A3 boeken.
Another way to raise money is collecting coupons and sponsorclicks when people buy items on the internet and Angel’s Choice gets a commission.

Donated necessities
Once again Angel’s Choice received many necessities from people, vet clinics and organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium. E.g. deworming tablets, spot on anti flea treatments, all kinds of medication, diapers, puppy training pads, blankets, towels, dog coats, collars, leashes, harnesses, vitamins and other supplements, snacks, toys, cages, baskets, carrier bags, bandages, gauzes, medical cones, food bowls and more. In total 17 parcels of 20 kilo each were sent to the various rescuers and rescue organisations in North-Macedonia by mail (shipping sponsored by publishing company A3 boeken). Items that could not be sent to North-Macedonia because of size, weight or contents were distributed amongst various private sanctuaries in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Thank you
Angel’s Choice (run by Adrie Beyen with moral support from Angel, adopted from a Dutch public shelter, and Belco, adopted from North-Macedonia) wants to thank all the people who have contributed one way or another: rescuers, sponsors, loyal supporters, people who donated necessities, people who donated items for the auction, people who collected coupons and Mieke who turned them into money, people who shared their thoughts and idea’s, vets who offered their opinion and advice, people who bought at the auctions, Monique and Hans who are part of the admin team of the auctions, adopters, fosters and everybody I forgot to mention.
Humans are the biggest threat to animals, but fortunately there are also humans who look after animals every day of their lives.


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